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Frackville, PA

Saved $37,000 a year

$37,000 was saved by identifying and cutting unnecessary business expenses.

Income increased by 3%.

Pearl Theaters saw an overall 3% increase in per capita income because of upselling triggered by customers’ reward redemption.

10% increase in loyalty card sign ups

Surveys informed customers about the theater’s lesser known services for loyal clientele.

Challenges and Goals

Pearl Theater’s challenges were not unique among theater owners. With on-demand rental subscription services on the rise, moviegoers are forgoing theaters in exchange for watching movies in their living room. Their goal was to attract more loyal customers to their theater and concession stands, while also optimizing their business, by identifying unnecessary operating expenses that they could cut.

Pearl Theaters also hosts birthday parties and has a restaurant and bar on the premises. They wanted to know the best way to promote these services.

Step-by-Step Process

Upsell to customers with accompanying soft drink or candy resulted in a per capita income of 3% or $24,000/year

Loyalty card sign-ups increased by 10%

4% increase in birthday parties
3% increase in alcohol sales
Canceled service to keep the Facebook page updated, saving $30,000/year
10% response rate 5x better than typical email survey responses
Reduced newspaper ad, saving $7,000/year

Using geolocating services on the SurveyMe app, new and returning customers alike would take surveys and receive a free complimentary size popcorn, which would drive them to the concession stands. Employees would upsell to customers with an accompanying soft drink or candy. This resulted in a per capita income of 3% which, for a one screen theater, equates to an average increase of $24,000.

After asking survey questions about a customer’s awareness of the theater’s loyalty program, loyalty card sign-ups increased by 10%. A similar question was asked about birthday parties and about the theater’s bar and restaurant. This caused a 4% increase in birthday parties and a 3% increase in alcohol sales.

Customers were asked where they looked up Pearl Theater’s movie times. Turns out, hardly any of them used the company’s Facebook page or the newspaper. Pearl Theaters canceled the service they were using to keep the Facebook page updated, saving $30,000 a year, and reduced the size of their newspaper ad, saving $7,000 a year.

By using the strategy of incentivizing users to take surveys by offering a free complimentary size popcorn as a reward, Pearl Theaters saw a 10% response rate. This is five times greater than typical email survey responses.

We count our lucky stars for finding SurveyMe! Not only do they give us real-time results, do not collect any of our respondents’ information or throw us to the wolves when we have questions, but, they help us compose questions that can be general at first and then help us refine them to find valuable opinions of our operations, our menu, or just how much we are liked!
Gina DiSanto
Owner, Pearl Theaters


This is just an example showcasing the results at one location. The application of surveys can benefit many industries who should rely on customer feedback to sustain, improve, and innovate their business. We know there are many survey apps and platforms available, but SurveyMe stands out by giving real-time feedback with higher and more accurate response rates. All of this is offered so that you can truly address current or potential issues and—more importantly—pinpoint the opportunities for your business to grow.

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