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6 Tips to Deal with a Bad Boss

by Savanna Kiefer


Fatigue. Frustration. Overwhelmed. These are some of the side-effects that come with having a terrible boss. Not only can it affect your work performance, but dealing with a bad boss on a daily basis can take a severe toll on your overall mental health. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the workforce, you’ve probably dealt with a really poor manager. We’re here to help though! These are our top six tips to get you through dealing with a bad boss!

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Evaluate How Severe the Situation Is

If you feel like your boss is being overly critical, dominant, or undermining your work on a particular day, it’s completely okay to be frustrated at that time, but it’s also important to think of their behavior on a day-to-day basis. Are they terrible every single day of the week or is it less frequent?

Before going through the next steps, try to separate yourself from the situation and weigh out the pros and cons of how your boss treats you. Do they praise your work nine out of ten times, but on the tenth time they just beat you down? If so, maybe they’re not a bad boss afterall. However if they’re constantly putting you down, not informing you about work assignments coming up, or treating you unfairly, you’re definitely dealing with a bad boss.
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Try Talking to Them

This one can be tricky, especially if your boss is known for sudden outbursts or irrational reactions. However, if you have a boss that you think you approach without them blowing up, this needs to be your first priority. Do not go over their head and speak to their manager before you try talking to them.

Sometimes taking the conversation outside of the workplace can lighten the situation. If your boss regularly goes out for coffee or lunch, maybe offer to join them and let them know that you have something you’d like to chat about with them. When you’ve mustered up the courage to finally talk, just be honest about the way you feel when they talk to you or put you down, but don’t blatantly attack them or point fingers. Try to be as calm and collected as you can.


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Speak with Their Manager

Going behind your boss’s back could enrage them even more, so it’s extremely important to try to talk with them first. However, if your boss is violent or you feel like you absolutely can’t talk with them, the next step would be trying to have a conversation with their manager. You’ll want to approach their manager just as you would approach your boss -- with professionalism.

Do not talk badly about your boss to their manager. Simply express to them your concerns and bring up a couple instances where you felt attacked or uncomfortable by your boss. If this doesn’t help at all and you see no signs of improvement, it may be time to consider finding another job, but that should always be your last resort.


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Don’t Take the Frustration Home

It’s important to not bring your frustrations home. Even though your boss may be terrible and bring you down, try to wipe away those bad feelings when you leave the workplace. You may unintentionally take out your frustrations on your roommates, your spouse, and even your children. To avoid this, rock out to some uplifting music on your drive home and shake off the negative vibes. You always have a fresh start the next day and an opportunity to make your bad boss see the light!


Learn From It

Even though it’s not fun to go through this type of situation, you can always learn from it. If you work hard enough to make it into management someday or even start to mentor someone, think back on your bad experiences with this boss and use them to make you a better person. Think of how they made you feel and use that experience to create a great work environment for your own employees.


See the Bigger Picture

At the end of the day, try to see the bigger picture. Maybe your boss is going through some tough times and taking out their feelings on your team. Sometimes bosses go through loss, divorces, or other troubles without sharing any of the details with people at their workplace.

So before you are quick to judge and call them a terrible human being, think about what they might be going through and how you can help them. Extending a kind hand and bringing them coffee on a rough work day could completely change their entire mood. Give kindness and maybe you will receive it in return!


With all of these tips in mind, we hope you are able to combat the issue of having a bad boss and wipe it away for good! No matter how rough it gets, just remember that things will get better and management can change.
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