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What businesses can learn from The Ryder Cup 2012

Monday October 1, 2012

Given the extraordinary events that unfolded on Sunday evening at the 2012 Ryder Cup we want to share with you why we feel Team Europe won in such a dramatic fashion and … what businesses can learn from this to truly deliver exceptional results.

1.       Make sure your team understand and believe 100% in what you are doing: To a man in the post-match interviews, Team Europe were united with one simple reason why they wanted to win. Yes for themselves, but for Seve Ballesteros, their once legendary captain who tragically died. Anecdotes from the players themselves told of a team meeting the night before the final day where the captain explained passionately what their strategy was – to go out and dominate the first 5 matches – and why this would yield positive results plus encouragement from their supporters at vital points later in the deciding day. Now think what you can do in business if your team, from top to bottom, share the same one passion to deliver a great customer experience?

2.      Lead your team with a simple, clear message:  This year’s Team Europe Captain, Jose Maria Olazabal, got plenty of stick after the team performance on the first 2 days was well behind that of Team USA. For the final day, having seen the passion of his team unite behind the strategy,  Jose had the inspired idea of having an emblem of Seve embroidered on all the team shirts and bags. That simple symbol constantly reminded each player of the passion and 100% belief in the strategy that they had all bought into the night before. Ok, we’re not suggesting that you have your face embroidered on all staff t-shirts, but just like Team Europe there will be one special thing in your business (a reason why everyone comes to work for you) that cements your team together. Why not engage your staff and find out what that common ground is that they all share. Something they all instinctively relate to and care passionately about. This will result in your staff being happier, engaged, motivated which in turn will make for happier customers, returning customers and new customers!

Nothing breeds success more than if those around you understand and buy into your strategy so they operate and move in the same direction with the same common targets.  So with this in mind we would like to share with you our passion and our message here at SurveyMe - we truly believe that if you constantly seek the opinions of your team and your customers at the point of experience when they are in the thick of interacting with your business, and you action their feedback, it will result in a happy team that delivers great customer experience. SurveyMe uniquely delivers point of experience feedback and so you can constantly check the buy-in of your team and customers to what you are doing.

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