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You may need glasses to see your Customer Service levels

Wednesday October 24, 2012

Research shows that 80% of businesses and employees think they are giving an excellent level of customer service. The customers meanwhile think that a mere 8% of businesses give the level of service they would consider good.


So what are businesses not seeing that customers are? So why not let those extra eyes be your customer service guide and tell you how you can improve.

Then once you know what your company’s customer service is truly like as your customers see it, you’ll be equipped to improve it. Complaints are a great starting point for improving bad customer service. But if you want to provide good customer service, you have to go beyond just listening to complaints and responding to them.

Finding out what your customers or clients are truly thinking while they are with you (or as soon as you can afterwards) is the key to providing the kind of customer service that will keep them coming back.

How you measure is as important as what you measure. You can measure the volume of customer calls by employing a Customer Service representative (CSR) and have them count their own calls and tell you periodically. You could have an operator counting the number of calls transferred to the CS department. The best option, but not necessarily the cheapest, would be to purchase a software program that counts the number of incoming calls, measures how long it takes to answer each, records who answered the call, and measures how long the call took to complete.

These measurements are current, accurate, complete, and unbiased. However, the best option is not necssarily the most affordable option for all organisations. Customers are more likely to remember the action you took to respond to their feedback i.e. the difference you made to their lives than how quickly they spoke to an operator.

So before you invest in expensive software and a call centre CSR team you should think about whether in doing so you are actually only catering for the extremist minority who will bother calling you and whether therefore any of these metrics actually help your business understand what the majority feel. There are other options out there particularly in this mobile age with smart phone App survey software which now costs very little to run in comparison with call centres and offers ‘Point of Experience‘ feedback. With something like SurveyMe you get customisable reporting functions in-built into the software that enables you to get quick views from the silent majority as well as the noisy minority of your customers.

Get a free SurveyMe basic account now and try it for yourself.

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