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How Event Companies Can Listen To Customers

Monday April 8, 2013


SurveyMe, our unique smartphone application for feedback that was launched in 2011, is offering conference, event and hospitality companies a new way to improve service through a better understanding their clients, with our most recent addition of multiple language options and a ‘batch survey’ facility.

The added ‘batch survey’ feature now offers event organisers, hoteliers and restaurateurs the ability to collect feedback from customers without a Wi-Fi connection, which is crucial at exhibitions, outdoor events or even some buildings and basement restaurants where getting signal is historically difficult.  This ‘batch survey’ feature allows you to collect responses and then upload them when you have a connection meaning that you can collect data in settings that were previously too challenging, the result of which is a more comprehensive survey and higher levels of feedback.  In addition we have just introduced five language options, so the surveys works equally as well for international events and foreign visitors to the north west.

SurveyMe is used by a number of businesses in the events industry to solicit delegate feedback, increase customer retention and identify event requirements.  For example, events companies have been using SurveyMe before, during and after seminars, exhibitions or trade shows to ensure the speakers are of interest to attendees, breakout group topics to be covered and to get post-event feedback, all knowledge which can be invested in designing the next event.

Here is one of our clients talking about using SurveyMe for their exhibition.

It has also seen extensive use within the hotel and hospitality sector as a replacement to paper guest feedback surveys, using the more advanced mobile SurveyMe app to gain feedback on their dining or overnight stay experience, which is quickly turned into data useful for improving guest choice and service standards.  It eliminates the need for translating paper surveys to digital, saving both time and resources, and also delivers an efficient ‘one click’ service to customers, as the SurveyMe app links can be added to the business’ website.  Plus with the new multiple language options guest surveys can be used in five languages, therefore capturing the views of international travellers who may previously have been outside the survey audience without the cost of printing paper surveys in multiple languages.

Steve Edwards, head of group service manager, Abode Hotels, “The best thing about SurveyMe is that it can be downloaded to the customers’ smartphone and linked to our website, whereas previous solutions meant the customer had to fill in the survey on a handset whilst on our hotel premises. It’s a very cost effective solution to deploy and we get valuable real-time feedback on our customers experience from any hotel department that uses SurveyMe.”

Anyone can register for a SurveyMe free basic account at plus the application can be downloaded free on to an iPad, iPhone or Android smartphones. The surveys take minutes to set up to be live. Or if you prefer you can contact SurveyMe and we can create your surveys, arrange 1-2-1 training or arrange to collect the feedback for you at your event.

Lee Evans, managing director, SurveyMe said: “The events industry has really taken to using SurveyMe. It’s a product that delivers multiple benefits to any business; identifying issues real-time so they can be fixed there and then, customer retention through offering rewards and engaging staff which all go to helping increase profit.”

SurveyMe is a flexible business tool that is designed to replace expensive mystery shopper programmes and old fashioned printed comment cards, saving businesses hundreds of pounds and giving the feedback in minutes not days.

What systems do you use in your business to get feedback?

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