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When Two Becomes A Crowd?

Monday August 5, 2013

There was a time when Mr Marks and Mr Spencer would be able to ask their customers at their penny market stall in Leeds what else they could get them. In effect, they were asking customers for feedback and delivering what they heard their customers ask for. Then the world got complicated and businesses grew so that the likes of Mr Marks and Mr Spencer (and their successors) became increasingly divorced from their customers whose numbers had swollen to a crowd of hundreds of thousands globally.

In fact, simultaneously listening and retaining information from more than two people at any one time is practically impossible for 99.99% of the world’s population. Yet, customer feedback is the lifeblood of any business and equally applicable to big business as it is to market stall holders.

Italo-disco party in The Hague!

Crowd of people (Photo credit: David Domingo)

With the advent of the world-wide web and emails, big businesses have become increasingly more sophisticated at listening to customers.  Most use web survey systems like Survey Monkey which have evolved on the back of the growth of emails in the last decades of the 1900s. So almost all web surveys software relies on you having an existing email database before you can use them. However good a web survey is at getting ‘crowd’ feedback, it cannot deliver feedback at the point where the customers is experiencing your product or service – that is unless the customer opens their laptop there and then on your premises, downloads an email from you that you’ve magically sent while serving them … you get the picture anyway. Mobile technology delivered by smart phones, however, can deliver real-time structured feedback from more than two customers simultaneously while they are in your business.

Because it is tied to an individual’s email account, web-feedback software like Survey Monkey can only proceed one email at a time. Two people cannot access the same survey through the same email. Survey apps like SurveyMe don’t have such problems and so they can be easily and simultaneously used by multiple people on the same or multiple devices.

App survey systems like SurveyMe, also enable you to get feedback from anyone with no need for a prior database, of course, if you’ve got one then it will work with it too.

To use web survey software, you must have been invited by email with a link to a specific web address meaning it cannot be used on the same device unless that device has multiple email accounts running on it. Even then the respondent would still have to access each email and click on the link. SurveyMe has a unique batch system whereby you can pre-load a survey onto unlimited devices and pass them around an audience whereas online surveys are tied to an individual’s email account.

When you want to use your survey again SurveyMe also enables you to replicate whole surveys with a few button clicks. Web surveys typically don’t. So if you’re like me and think its a chore having to repeatedly type the same questions to re-create the same survey, think about how long it took for you to create even a small survey. Then know that using SurveyMe will save you 99% of the time to recreate an existing survey.

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