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Why mobile apps?

Monday December 9, 2013

In only 6 years smart phone apps have revolutionised the way we do many common things that were traditionally done with paper or on desk-top computers. Things like reading a book or newspaper, or redeeming a discount reward voucher. In reality, mobile apps have already made a massive positive impact on how efficiently we do things now compared to only 6 years ago. In short, compared to all other survey methods, using mobile…

  1. Is the fastest way of delivering structured customer feedback
  2. Is the most flexible way of collecting customer feedback
  3. Will give you the best return on investment of any survey method

Ironically although only social media can compete with mobile for customer feedback in terms of speed and reach that’s because most people now use social media on their mobile!

The difference between mobile and the most popular method of collecting feedback, email surveys is remember when the only way you could record feedback was with a paper and pen, and then the Internet came along but  you could only access information while sitting in front of a desktop computer or by carrying around a heavy laptop sitting?   … but now you probably enjoy the speed and convenience of having information at your fingertips with a smart phone in your pocket?  Now compare that with having to go back to your office, switch on your computer and log in – would you ever go back???

And there’s the thing about the growth of mobile – It took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million users. For Tv it was 13 years, Internet took 11, the iPod took 3 but from launch to 1 billion users took only 9 months for Apps! Why? Because apps are fast, fun and intuitively easy to use.

SurveyMe Mobile App

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By the end of this year over half (54%) of all mobile users globally will be smart phone users. Mobile App usage is currently growing FIVE times quicker than the spread of Internet.

In just a few years mobile technology has already moved you beyond making calls, reading emails, checking the weather, and playing Angry Birds – the reality is that whether you’ve embraced it or not yet, it has already become an 24-7-365 management information tool that you can’t do without to become more customer-centric, secure the future of your business and get more profit in a way that is faster than you’ve ever been able to do before.

Why not give mobile survey’s a chance, they are fast, flexible and cost-effective. Above all SurveyMe is the only app that can deliver ‘Point of Experience Feedback‘.  Sign up for a free 14 day trial with SurveyMe today and don’t get left behind!

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