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Is anonymity important?

Monday July 1, 2013

A question for you … if you wanted to give negative feedback to someone would you think twice if that feedback might hurt their feelings or worse still, have negative repercussions for you?

It’s human reality that the vast majority of us are conditioned from childhood not to hurt other people’s feelings. And even if we have to because we care about them, well then another basic human psychology kicks in – we are all wired to avoid pain and fear before we seek pleasure. In short, if we think there are emotional, physical or financial consequences through repercussions of negative feedback traceable to us then we are unlikely to give feedback at all.

So it’s a little known fact but respondents who use web survey systems have virtually no privacy. If you read the fine detail of the terms & conditions, your responses are directly linked to your email address. They have to be because the logic in the programming ties survey ‘x’ to the email of customer ‘a’.  In short, your feedback can never be completely anonymous – although few people actually realise this. Most smart phone survey software starts from a fundamentally anonymous point – that is, unless you ask the respondent for information to identify them.

To deploy a survey with web survey software like Survey Monkey, you need to upload an email database first. App survey software like SurveyMe makes your New QR Code for Storessurvey instantly live the moment you have created your first question. You don’t need email addresses, you just need to pin it to where your customers are, print a unique QR code or let people know the unique survey code you have chosen using either. It is therefore much quicker to create and deploy a survey using an app like SurveyMe than web-based software like  Survey Monkey.

So, if like me, you think you’re likely to get more feedback by allowing people to remain anonymous at their own discretion then why not try creating a mobile survey today?

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