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Getting The Monkey Off Your Back?

Friday May 10, 2013

Web or email survey software like Survey Monkey have been around for years whereas smart phone app surveys are relatively new – the first few having appeared only 18 months ago. It’s hardly surprising that most people are still nervous about their ability to build an app survey – that is until they do it for the first time and realise that it’s as easy to create as a web survey. People who use web surveys, but are yet to try mobile surveys, often ask me what’s the difference between an app like SurveyMe and web-software like Survey Monkey?

To understand this you need to think of a spectrum of time – can you remember back when the only way you could communicate in writing and  record feedback was with a paper and pen? And then 14 years ago the world-wide web came along but you could still only access information while sitting in front of a desktop computer or by carrying around a heavy laptop? Following on swiftly from ‘www’ came the mass spread of free email addresses and its this that drove the first web survey software and in fact all web survey software since.

… if you are nodding that you kind of remember this evolution then you probably now also enjoy the speed and convenience of having information at your fingertips with a smart phone in your hand?” …. “well, think of the fundamental difference between web survey systems like Survey Monkey and mobile app  surveys SurveyMe as the difference between the past with your desktop computer and now having everything real-time when you want it, anytime, any place….

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Oh and by the way, because SurveyMe is both mobile and web-based it offers Users both the past and the present as well as stuff for the future. Industry statistics for web-based survey systems typically achieve around a 1-2% response rate while because mobile allows you to get closer to your customers, users of the SurveyMe app say they get on average an 83% response rate.

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