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Forgotten to ask something important? See how Mobile outperforms Web surveys

Monday May 20, 2013

The good news, however, is that mobile survey software like SurveyMe now enables you to add/edit/delete questions, answers and rewards from within any survey, any time, any place. Changes appear within seconds (i.e. the next respondent) regardless of whether you are accessing it the web or mobile phone. SurveyMe is therefore more flexible for the duration of your survey.

Actively implementing solutions to help our clients achieve their goals easier is how we consistently develop our software. We are UK-based and nimble with no onerous tiers of management to process new ideas. Flexibility at every level is a major difference between SurveyMe and SurveyMonkey.

Survey Monkey is a totally generic, do-it-yourself, tool. SurveyMe offers you a full service from a position like Survey Monkey where you have total control (£499 a year option) to one where we manage everything on your behalf to your requirements – and anywhere in between. SurveyMe lets you choose how much control you want in the survey process.

Where as Survey Monkey has 1 fixed way for you to deploy a survey, SurveyMe has 6 ways. SurveyMe makes it easier for you to collect feedback. (see also our blog from last week about how mobile apps work better when you lose connection)

Because Survey Monkey is limited to email and web pages, it cannot be used in any other way. Respondents can also access SurveyMe surveys using QR codes (that can be printed on any flat surface), direct  links on your website, GPS-enabled phones, and email as well as face-to-face market research.

To register for an account please visit where you can also download the FREE app to your smart device.

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