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What is the Point of Experience? Find out what the other 70% of your customers think

Thursday October 17, 2013

We’re happy to see so many businesses showing real interest in what their customers think and want – in the past week we’ve personally seen an upsurge in being given till receipts with URL codes to log on and give comments or emailed a survey within a couple of days of purchase. This action is to be applauded, however, businesses are missing a huge trick.

Research says that on average 30% of people visiting a store actually purchase, so our question is how do you find out what the 70% that don’t purchase think of your business?

There are limitations to using online surveys:

  1. URL or email surveys – the average response rate is between 3-9%, meaning that of your 30% of visitors less than 10% can be bothered to give you their views – hardly representative of your customers as a whole and probably not a good basis to make strategic business decisions
  2. Fail to deliver improved service – its very easy to set up online surveys and be seen to be ‘caring about our customers’ but how may times have you completed one and then had a response from the company itself? How impressed would you be if you did? How often have you thought ‘wonder what they will do with my comments’? Are the responses just gathering dust on someones desk?
  3. Fail to deliver quick responses for customer service – ok so you’ve asked your customers to complete a long survey and they’ve press the send button, then you print out the data and circulate it appropriately. So what? How much time has lapsed between the customer telling you what they think and someone actually looking and acting on it? Online surveys fail to solve the customers problems they are experiencing in the moment, its no good in 7 days time, the customers have moved on.
  4. Only give you a snapshot at that point in time – when you ask customer’s a question you are asking about their loyalty to your businesses. We already know that you are asking less than 30% of your customers once or twice a year and getting less than 10% responses so imagine if you sent out online surveys more frequently – what would your response rates be then?

At SurveyMe we wanted to create an alternative and deliver ‘Point of Experience‘ feedback. We wanted to put the ability to give feedback in the hands of the customers, for them to be able to do it when and where suits them most and with the ability to get rewarded through their smartphone/tablet devices. As SurveyMe is truly mobile businesses can easily capture the feedback of the other 70% of your customer that have walked away. All the data is captured in real-time so within seconds of a survey being completed management can view the results and act immediately.

You can download SurveyMe free and register for a free basic account to start collecting ‘Point of Experience’ feedback and find out what the other 70% of your customers think.

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