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Feedback who cares?

Monday September 23, 2013

Across the marketing landscape in the last 6 years, the global recession and the advance of new technology has meant there has been a remarkable and well-documented shift in power from the brand to the consumer. Reinforcing that observation, Forrester Research stated that “[it] believes that we have entered the age of the customer – an age in which a focus on the customer now matters more than any other strategic imperative.”

As a successful business person you don’t need me to tell you that customers are the lifeblood of any business. So equally, you’ll understand why not listening to them, is NOT an option! In fact, as you have no business if you have no customers, then I’d go as far as saying they’re probably the only voices that are worth listening to.

With the world being massively more connected than ever, your ability to listen to your clients quickly and the speed with which you act on what they tell you is what will ultimately determine the longevity of your business and how successful you will be.

What makes customer feedback so important?

  1. Business growth is achieved by making the right decisions more often than not. Without feedback, very few businesses ever develop appropriate products / services / processes / staff to successfully their meet clients’ needs.
  2. We all have finite resources – so continuously asking and understanding our customers’ views means we can reduce the risk of making bad decisions.
  3. Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the new buzz phrase. How it correlates with the feedback process is that you have limited windows of opportunity to positively influence your client’s experience so the more time that elapses between the point of their experience and when you can take action, the less valuable any information from a feedback process is to you.

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