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How mobile has changed the customer feedback process forever

Friday January 24, 2014

Live comparison of mobile vs email vs telephone …. see the results

An event management client of ours recently shared some interesting insight. Their event had over 100 exhibitors and 4,500 visitors over two days. After the event they admitted that they had been very sceptical about using a mobile app to get live feedback. They were going to stick with the post-event email and telephone surveys but they’d decided to give mobile a go just for the hell of it… but then still run their post-event phone and email feedback surveys. Here’s what they shared with us.

The fact that the mobile survey was working in the background during the event allowed them to concentrate on valued-added activities. But despite having people on the floor of the show throughout the event, what was really surprising was the disproportionately negative effect of the little things that weren’t right for exhibitors. When they dipped into the live feedback, they were able to put right those little things and they believe this saved them £9,000 in otherwise lost repeat bookings for their next event. After making tweaks they received a 69% positive approval rating from exhibitors.

Using mobile, they achieved an 87% response rate for all exhibitors and 35% of all visitors.

Post-event, they employed 2 people for 2 days to do telephone feedback with visitors. Average daily response rate for using mobile was 4.8x (480%) more than the response rate for the telephone surveys afterwards and over 110% cheaper to run.

Their post-event email survey achieved less than 1% response rate for a week after the event.

So now you’ve read how Point of Experience feedback will benefit you, let’s look at the importance of flexibility that mobile technology brings to the customer feedback process.

Hands up, if you stop working at 5pm and never check email on your phone? The thing is, in the last 6 years, smart phones have revolutionised what, how, when, where and how much information you access every day. Apps have made you more efficient at accessing what you need. And you already know what you need is customer feedback. The truth is we all want to be mobile these days, don’t we?

You’ll probably also want the flexibility to get that feedback in different environments on different devices whenever you want it. You’ll also want something that’s easy to use and saves you time? Am I right?

Here’s the thing about mobile’s flexibility our sceptical client found out… You can use mobile almost anytime, anyplace, anywhere, any weather – you can even use some mobile survey apps when you’ve got no mobile signal. Now how’s that for being mobile and flexible?

If the feedback is surprising, mobile apps usually give you flexibility to add, rephrase or delete questions as and when you need to which means you are always in control of getting the information you need in the limited window of opportunity you have to positively influence your customer’s experience. What mobile also uniquely brings is the benefits of automatically time stamping, date stamping and geo-tagging responses meaning you can examine the pinch points in your business with cold, hard facts and rectify any challenges.

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