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What's new with SurveyMe?

Monday June 16, 2014

Sorry for the radio silence in the last few weeks I promise we have been very busy making SurveyMe even better than ever before. For those of you that haven't already noticed its been very busy few months doing a few minor things like; rebranding, producing a new website and a new app (we've also moved offices and got some new recruits onboard!).

You may be thinking 'who cares?' Well we do (clearly!).

We want to share with you now what these changes mean for you and what the new features we have added to make SurveyMe even more important to use in your business.

Firstly its important you know that these new features are based on feedback we've had from our lovely clients on what they want to be able to do with SurveyMe: 

  • Previously we had 'find surveys near me' well we've turned that on its head and created a new 'find rewards' stream. This means customers can choose a reward they actually want to use rather than completing a survey only to find the reward is something they will never use. We know this increases participation rates and reduces frustration for those filling out your survey. So the motto is make sure your reward is a good one to get people's attention!
  • We have a niffty new wallet in the app where people can save all their rewards to use them when 'THEY' want to use them (subject to T&Cs for the reward). All our rewards are now automatically saved so you don't need to worry about missing out or carrying around a pile of printed vouchers anymore!
  • The biggest new featuere is what we call 'featured rewards'. This is the first screen that every single SurveyMe app user sees when they open find rewards. This now means that any brands or products can now appear in this stream across our wide user network in 85 countries and growing on a daily basis. So if you want to get your brand/product/service in front of thousands of App users then get in touch now!

We have more announcements coming soon but in the meantime if you want to have a demo with the new features then please just click here.

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