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Are You Ready For December 14th?

Wednesday October 15, 2014

History is littered with examples of people adopting things that make their lives easier and better – smart phones being just the latest such global phenomenon. So save the date - according to Google - December 14th 2014 is the day when more people globally will be searching for information on their mobile devices than using personal computers

Technology moves so quickly that if you don’t adopt and adapt then it’s simple - you don’t survive long term. While recent research shows that businesses with loyalty reward programs experience increase in spend, increased visitation frequency, and a positive return on investment:

  • When a customer is about to unlock their loyalty reward, they spend 39% more on average.
  • When customers redeem their loyalty reward, they spend 19% more on average.
  • On average, visitation frequency increases by 75% between a customer’s first reward and their tenth reward.

Think about it and if you don't already have a mobile strategy for engaging and rewarding your customers or employees then contact us and we'll show you how within minutes you can be riding mobile technology's next big wave before it reaches your shore. And what’s more, this new technology is affordable for you however big or small your business and it comes with zero risk for you to try.


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