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How to measure your MHX to get information gold

August 5, 2015

If you are in business you have probably heard of CXM, CX, CSM, NPS, NCAS (if not where have you been?!). You need a dictionary to understand what they all mean but have you heard of MHX? What is MHX, how do you measure it and why do you need it as a business? Read on my friend .....

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Top 10 US Cities For Engaged Employees

June 25, 2015

A list of the Top 10 US Cities that have the most Engaged Employees

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How Google Sees Value in Real-Time Feedback

June 23, 2015

Google launches quick user feedback surveys inside the Play Store so what does that tell you to help your business?

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7 Facts About Employee Engagement

May 29, 2015

7 simple facts every business should know about employee engagement which is the key to having happy customers.

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When is the right time to catch your customers?

April 28, 2015

This is a common question we are asked often by business owners. This comes down to if you want to be someone that makes things happen, wait for things to happen or wonder what the heck just happened!

Your New Hires Won’t Succeed Unless You Onboard Them Properly

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Don't Yelp! Why suing your customers is a bad idea

April 17, 2015

Yet another small business has reached the international headlines for suing a customer who gave them negative reviews on Yelp. This is the reason why we believe online review sites are not to be trusted.

Did you know?

An average 83% response rate by using mobile devices at ‘Point of Experience’

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Customer Feedback: Are you on the fast track?

April 7, 2015

Have you ever asked your customers directly what they think about you, your products, your team or your services? Or does your current feedback system make you feel like you’ve missed the train and delivered too little information and too late for you change perceptions?

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How to resuscitate your business & get more customers

February 18, 2015

Do you ever feel that your business could do with a reboot to perpetuate significant growth? Well we show you how, by using mobile survey apps like ours, you can gain more customers and keep them loyal to your business.

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Tips for your KILLER follow up questions

February 11, 2015

So you have asked THE most important question, now what do you ask to help your business deliver what your customers are looking for?

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How to calculate your Customer Sentiment or NPS

February 11, 2015

From our blog last week talking about 'The MOST important question to as your customers' here we tell you how to calculate your NCAS or NPS score.