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9 Ways to Increase Restaurant Revenue This Holiday Season

Dec 5, 2019
This year, holiday shoppers spent more in physical brick-and-mortar stores than ever before.

How to Build Customer Loyalty Through Transparency

Nov 7, 2019
Business Transparency ⇒ Customer Trust = Increased Loyalty

6 Steps to Gathering Customer Testimonials using Surveys

Oct 10, 2019
Updated 2019   Question - What percentage of shoppers check you out online before purchasing your products? A.   51% B.   61% C.   71% D.   81% Does it surprise you that the answer is D? 81% of shoppers check you out ...

Fun Finds & Festive Feasts for your Fancy Feline (WOW)

Dec 6, 2019
I love cats, especially the one I live with, Princess Frida. Long may she reign.

Your Black Friday Game Plan

Nov 25, 2019
Some of us dream of sipping eggnog lattes with loved ones on Thanksgiving, while others long for that other magical holiday called...Black Friday.

This Month's Top New Movies to Watch at the Movie Theater

Oct 25, 2019
What's better than stealing your date's popcorn while watching a thriller in a dark, comfy theater? (especially when the weather makes you want to be indoors!) This month is chock-full of great movies for whatever ...