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Independent Cinema Alliance Announces Partnership with SurveyMe

6th September 2018

The Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA), a non-profit group of independent movie theatre exhibitors, and SurveyMe, the mobile feedback app, have announced a new affiliation through which SurveyMe will be used to connect the ICA with its membership to gather instant and actionable information to assist in serving the needs of the ICA members.

Snack Statistics: SurveyMe findings reveal moviegoers’ concession preferences

10th July 2018

This spring, SurveyMe presented the findings of its massive survey of moviegoers in a presentation called “Candy, Cocktails & Cinema Cuisine in 2018.” Between January and March 2018, 10,242 moviegoers from 35 states across North America were asked 13 questions about their concessions experiences. Film Journal International is pleased to publish some highlights from this wide-ranging survey.

CEN Engages Cinema Audiences Nationwide, Rewards Moviegoers for Sharing Behaviors with SurveyMe

20th April 2018

Christie Experiential Network (CEN), a leader in creating immersive and engaging experiential Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with the mobile feedback app SurveyMe.

Allure partners with SurveyMe for theater customer analytics

27th April 2018

Allure, a Christie company, has partnered with SurveyMe, a mobile feedback app provider, to develop a theater research product for customer analytics. This product uses Allure's quantitative data analysis and SurveyMe's qualitative mobile survey feedback to analyze customers' behaviors and preferences, according to a press release.

A Good Ol' (New) Time: Study shows that the drive-in is still going strong

17th April 2017

There are a couple of misconceptions about drive-in theatres that Lee Evans, and Donna and Rod Saunders would like to dispel. One: They’re a sordid make-out spot where teens go to park and party. Not true, says Donna Saunders, co-owner with husband Rod of Ohio’s two-location Field of Dreams Drive-in. “It’s not like that anymore. I joke that the teenagers don’t know what we used to do back then!”

Malco Theatres partners with SurveyMe feedback app

29th March 2018

Malco Theatres, the 11th-largest theatre circuit in the USA, announced its partnership with the mobile feedback app SurveyMe. Malco will use SurveyMe's app to get input from its moviegoers and to reward them with items like popcorn and candy instantly. This initiative has been launched in all of Malco's 34 movie theatres across six states.


10th March 2018

Box Office magazine published a summary of SurveyMe Inc's Drive-In survey in their March 2017 issue.

SurveyMe Teams Up with Atom Tickets

19th January 2018

SurveyMe, Inc., the leader in movie theater feedback, has announced a new affiliate program with Atom Tickets, the first-of-its-kind social movie ticketing platform, to improve the in-theater guest experience for moviegoers.

The truth about expanding your tech business to the USA: part 2

28th November 2017

Part two of the differences between owning a business in the US and UK

The truth about expanding your tech business to the USA: part 1

21st November 2017

In 2016, SurveyMe expanded to open its first US office in Southern California. It now employs more people in the USA than the UK.

Rebels, Reliables, and Rock Stars: Highlights from SurveyMe’s 2017 Movie Theater Concessions Survey

26th October 2017

We’ve all probably read the same “expert” reports on the death of moviegoing, killed by the rise of home entertainment. We’ve also heard that movie exhibition has never had it so good, with record ticket sales and increases in millennial attendees. Yet whichever argument you believe, one thing is certain: in good times and bad, movie theater profits rely on the success of concessions.

Cheshire-based mobile app SurveyMe gets £2m

27th February 2017

Press coverage of SurveyMe closing its £2M fundraising to expand and open office in California.

Why keeping your finger on the pulse of your audience is the key to success with Lee Evans

4th Sept 2016

Podcast with John Lee Dumas at EOFire.

Free vs. Paid Surveys

2nd Sept 2016

Article talking about the merits of Free Surveys vs Paid Surveys for your business

B&B Theaters Partners with SurveyMe to Capture and Reward Feedback from their Customers

22nd Aug 2016

B&B Theatres, the ninth largest theater chain in the USA, is happy to announce its partnership with SurveyMe, an innovative mobile feedback app.

The Evolution of Customer Feedback and how to keep up

8th June 2016

The first major milestone for customer experience can be traced back to the year of the telephone in 1876.

Film Journal International: SurveyMe polls exhibitors on luxury seating prices, 4K and more

26th May 2016

The team at SurveyMe team mingled with thousands of theatre owners and other members of the motion picture theatre industry at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this past April.

MyCustomer.com: Trend Tracking: How to leverage mobile for instant info

17th May 2016

The success of any business, from a small micro business of just one or two people, right up to a large international conglomerate, always includes two key factors – innovation and financial management.

Martech Advisor: Building Blocks: Nicola Evans, Co-founder & COO at SurveyMe Talks Marketing Tech

4th May 2016

An interview with our COO, Nicola Evans, about everything Marketing technology.

Mobile changing traditional opinions on customer experience surveying

19th April 2016

As response rates continue to drop when utilizing traditional e-mail survey methods, customer experience and marketing professionals are forced to find alternate means to drive customer engagement.

The future of Adblocking: Interview with Lee Evans, CEO of SurveyMe

18th April 2016

We talked to Lee Evans about how he sees ad-blocking affecting digital marketers

Why Collectng Customer Feedback Is Challenging

14th March 2016

eMarketer covered our SurveyMe whitepaper aimed at Marketing teams

49 Customer Experience and Marketing Pros Reveal Their Favorite Examples of Great Customer Service and Customer Experience

18th March 2016

Our CEO, Lee Evans, highlighted at one of 49 Customer Experience Experts giving his favourite example of great customer service.

Spotlight: SurveyMe Provides Real Time Customer Feedback

9th March 2016

Profile of SurveyMe and our CEO, Lee Evans.

Business Rock Stars Live Interview

3rd March 2016

Live video of our CEO, Lee Evans and COO, Nicola Evans being interviewed for Business Rock Stars.

One simple solution for reducing negative Yelp reviews

10th February 2016

The customers who love you will tell their friends about your business. The customers who hate you will tell their friends about your business.

CRM in Unlikely Places

1st February 2016

Looking for ways to spice up your CRM strategy? Then these unexpected examples might offer the zest you’ve been craving

Real-Time Geographic Targeting Boosts Customer Feedback

15th January 2016

Email is the most popular channel for soliciting customer feedback, but response rates are a measly 2%, according to a recent study by mobile survey company SurveyMe.

SurveyMe £2M fund raising round

Stockport-based mobile survey app developer SurveyMe has launched a £2m fundraising round.

Manchester is nurturing tech entrepreneurs with big ambitions

With numerous tech events taking place and plenty of entrepreneurial spirit, the city has many advantages for startups.

Mobile surveys vital for genuine point-of-experience customer feedback

Recent research has highlighted the growing role of mobile in customer insight, with more people prefering to give feedback and participate in research from their devices. I asked SurveyMe CEO and founder, Lee Evans, about the advantages of using mobile for customer insight and how some of his clients are using the channel.