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4 Things You Should Do Instead of Setting a New Year’s Resolution

by Savanna Kiefer


We’re sure you’re already sick of that buzzword that everyone’s saying at the beginning of a new year -- “resolution”. You’ve probably made a resolution or two in past years, but did you stick to them?

Studies show that less than 10 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions rarely stick to them. Instead of setting wild goals for the new year that are hardly achievable, we have some better ideas for you.

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Here are 4 things you should do instead of setting a New Year’s resolution.


Create a Schedule

Are you the type of person to go through life with no goals, plans, or schedules? That can make life very hectic and unpredictable. Having a schedule can not only benefit your day-to-day activities, but it can improve your sleep at night and even your stress levels. Instead of setting a resolution to “be more productive” this year, you can actually do that by setting a schedule in place. The best way to start a schedule is with your sleep cycle. Setting a firm bedtime and wake up time every single day will keep your body feeling refreshed, your mind clear, and your stress levels to a minimum. If you’re staying up until 4am binge watching your favorite show on Netflix and then rising at 7am to start your day, it might be time for a new routine. Set a schedule for your work and home life as well and you’ll be off to a great start this year.


Take Breaks from Screen Time

Computers and phones are everywhere! We understand how laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, e-readers, televisions and more have become such essential parts of our lives. However, did you know that your smartphone addiction can be causing serious health problems? It’s important to take breaks regularly from your electronic devices. It not only helps your eyes from feeling strained, but it can benefit your overall mental and physical health. Instead of making a resolution to “spend more time with friends” or “be more productive”, give yourself time away from social media apps, frequent texting, and work-related emails once you’re ready to unwind for the day. Think about all the amazing things you can accomplish in your day if you spend time being productive at home or work rather than looking at your Instagram feed for two hours.


Challenge Yourself

We all want to challenge ourselves when a new year starts, right? A new year gives you a new opportunity to grow as a person and overcome obstacles. However, setting a resolution to “work out every single day” can quickly turn into a failure when you realize it’s just not as easy as it sounds. Rather than creating an unachievable resolution, set a goal for yourself to challenge your mind and body as often as you can. If you encounter a tough problem at school, try to solve it yourself before asking for help. Or if you need to fix something simple in your house, give it a shot before calling a friend to do it for you. These little challenges will mean a lot at the end of the year when you look back and remember all the things you learned and overcame!


Get Inspired

Don’t get stuck in a lull of the same boring hobbies as you’ve done for the last few years. This year, make it a point to get some fresh inspiration. Rather than setting a resolution to “learn how to paint” when you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, maybe explore a new hobby that is relevant to your interests. If you really enjoy watching movies, try giving movie reviewing a shot. Or if you’re used to visiting the same exact coffee shop every day, maybe check out the new coffee place around the corner. You’ll probably get a fresh rush of inspiration and even meet new friends while you’re there. The whole point of getting inspired is to step outside your comfortable bubble and explore new things in the world. You’ve got 365 days to feel a sense of inspiration, so get to it!



Resolutions can be frustrating when you set them and aren’t able to stick to them throughout the year. Rather than setting yourself up for instant failure, prepare yourself for an awesome new year full of great opportunities and take them head on. Organize your life, step away from your phone, challenge yourself, and get inspired. We promise you’ll feel great about the new you in the new year.


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