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5 Reasons to Start a Side Hustle

by Savanna Kiefer

Your bills are piling up, your day job isn’t fulfilling all your needs, and you have a trove of creative skills waiting to be used! We see you. Rather than letting a dreary job or lack of pay get the best of you, why not start a side hustle in 2019?

15% of Americans are starting their own side jobs to help boost their savings accounts, cover daily bills, or just as a creative outlet. There are many reasons why you should start a side hustle so we’re sharing the top five with you! You don’t even need to have an entrepreneurial bone in your body if that’s not your forte.

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Here are the top 5 reasons to start a side-hustle in 2019:

Get That Cash Flow

One of the biggest motivating factors to start a side hustle is the money. Even if your day job covers all of your bills and living expenses, starting a little job on the side can help you bulk up your savings account, fund that awesome Hawaiian getaway you’ve always dreamed about, or put some ‘treat yo self’ money in your pocket each month. If you don't want to wait for a raise, start making moves yourself. If you’re able to gather $500 from your side hustle each month, that’s $6,000 at the end of a year! You could easily buy a used car with that money, pay off debt, go on an awesome European vacation, or just stash it away for a rainy day. Why would you say no to that?

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Hate Your Current Job? Create a New One.

The next major reason to start a side hustle is to leave your current work situation. Obviously we’ve all got regular bills to pay so we can’t just up and leave our jobs at the drop of a hat, but if you start a side hustle now, it could slowly turn into a full time job!

If you have a great business idea that you’d love to turn into a full time job someday, start on it now. Take your time funding the business and getting it set up if you have a steady day job. Soon enough, with lots of hard work and dedication, your side hustle can eventually allow you to quit your normal job and follow your passion full time.

Get a Creative Outlet

If you’re an artistic person, starting a side hustle as a creative outlet can be very beneficial for you. If you’re constantly drawing beautiful pictures, writing blogs, or creating handmade items, you could potentially be getting paid for all of these things and more! Websites like Etsy are great for selling handmade goods or artwork. Bloggers can oftentimes make a good chunk of money from affiliate marketing on posts that they’re sharing with the world. If you currently have a hobby, consider if it could generate a little side income, no matter how small. Getting a creative outlet may even help you perform better in your day job if you’ve been feeling burnt out.

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Tax Write-Offs

While you’re making some extra money on the side, you’ll most likely be taxed for this extra income. How can you avoid that? Well, tax write-offs can help you a ton. By tracking legitimate business expenses, you can deduct these from your taxes. It’s a good idea to get an accountant or tax professional to help you understand all the ins and outs of tax write-offs as they will vary from business to business, but it’s definitely a good benefit to starting a side hustle!

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

If you’re not convinced just yet, think about it this way -- what do you have to lose? Most side hustles cost zero dollars and here’s the best part: there are literally thousands of new side hustles you can try if your first one fails. Don’t close yourself off to an awesome opportunity without even giving it a chance. Starting a side hustle will give you extra income, a creative outlet, a potential new full time job, and so many wonderful experiences to put on your resume!

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What we’re basically saying is this -- there’s no reason NOT to start a side hustle! The odds are in your favor, you’ve probably got some sweet skills up your sleeve, and we totally believe your side hustle can be successful. The hard part is just deciding where you want to start!


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