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5 Reasons You Should Listen to Podcasts

by Savanna Kiefer


Podcasts have been taking over the internet in the recent decade, but what’s all the buzz about? These downloadable episodic audio shows cover pretty much any subject matter you can imagine. Do you like murder mysteries? There’s a podcast for that! Or maybe you want to learn more about cooking? Yeah, there’s a podcast for that too. If you’re not on the hype train yet, we’re here to reel you in. Here are five reasons why we think you should listen to podcasts!

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Before we give you all the juicy details, you’re probably wondering how you can find and access podcasts, right? The easiest way if you have an iPhone is to use the Podcast app. This usually comes already installed on your phone, but it’s easy to download again if you accidentally deleted it without realizing what a gem it could be! Stitcher is another great app that works for both iOS and Android devices.

Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get this show on the road!


Get Educated

This is one of the best reasons to listen to a podcast for the first time. While it’s not always intentional, podcasts tend to be very informative and educational. If you need to catch up on daily news, but don’t have time to read your favorite online source, just pop in your earbuds and listen to a podcast that recaps the latest news (we recommend The Daily from the New York Times). Did you know that NASA even has their own podcast? Whatever you’re looking to learn more about, there’s most likely a podcast about it -- the horizons are endless. You can easily find new shows by searching in your favorite podcast app for the topic you’re interested in. Most podcasts tag their shows with keywords that relate to their subject of choice so it’s easy to find them.

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Be Inspired

It’s easy to get in a lull if you work in a constantly creative environment. Burnouts are real, but podcasts can help put that pep back in your step! If you’re hitting a wall and not feeling very inspired, look up podcasts that discuss the field you’re in. For art history buffs, we recommend Art History Babes. Or maybe you’re a big fan of TED talks and want to listen to them on the go -- check out TED Radio Hour. The Interesting Podcast is a very inspiring show that dives into the life stories of your favorite celebrities and just normal folks working in cool industries. Listening to shows that talk about subjects you’re already interested in can motivate you to look at things with a fresh perspective and listening to public-speaking style shows have a way of giving you that extra boost at work!


Have a Laugh

Everyone loves a little bit of comedy, especially on gloomy days. Whether you’re in a bummed out mood or just love the art of comedy, there are so many incredible shows that will make you laugh. We love this list of comedy podcasts, but highly recommend checking out You Made It Weird by Pete Holmes. Podcasts can be really similar to watching TV, but if you’re guilty for looking at your phone rather than paying attention to the television screen, podcasts might be better for you. Comedy podcasts have a way of making you feel like you’re watching a sitcom show, but you don’t have to worry about watching a screen.

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Occupy Your Commute

If you have a longer commute that tends to feel like it drags on and on, turn on a podcast! Listening to music in the morning can be fun, but jump-starting your day with an interesting podcast can really freshen up your mind plus they’ll make your drive or train ride fly by. My Favorite Murder is a super popular podcast where the hosts tell their favorite stories of hometown murders and crimes. As weird as it sounds, this is a fun one to chat about with your co-workers if they are fans of the show too.


Build Community

Podcasts have an astounding way of building community of people. If you’re looking to make new friends, try seeking out the fellow fans of your favorite podcast. It’s so fun to bond with other people that enjoy the same subject matter and oftentimes you can join discussion groups online where people get together and discuss the latest episode of their favorite podcast.


No matter what you love or want to learn more about, there’s going to be a podcast out there that will educate you, make you laugh, or inspire you to take on the day. Go download a podcast app and start listening! Plus, if you’re a creative person and have a story to share, consider starting your own podcast. Don’t feel confined to just consuming content if you want to create some of your own.


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