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5 Ways to Cash In Big on Cyber Monday

by Savanna Kiefer

Fun, Save Money

Keep pressing the snooze button on Black Friday morning -- there’s no need to camp out all night for spectacular deals when there are great savings right around the corner on Cyber Monday! With many retailers offering huge discounts online, you can shop from the comfort of your home and never have to deal with traffic, long checkout lines, or fighting someone for that last pair of fuzzy socks at the store.

But how do you ensure you score big on Cyber Monday?

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Here are five tips that will help you cash in big while saving cash!


Use a Price Checker

You can potentially miss a good deal and overpay on a particular item if you’re not price checking among competitors. There are tons of websites and web browser plug-ins that will help you verify if you’re getting the best deal or if you could be shopping somewhere else to get a bigger savings on that item. Google Shopping and PriceGrabber are both top-rated tools to help you find the best deal. Amazon also has a new feature that will show you if the price of an item has been fluctuating recently.


Shop for Discounted Gift Cards

Oftentimes during Cyber Monday, you can find discounted gift cards. Rather than splurging on these to give as gifts right before the holidays, why not get ahead of the curve and score a good deal? Even better, buy the gift cards at a discounted rate and then use them to buy your gifts. It’s like getting free money! We prefer to use Raise and Card Cash to get these discounted gift cards. Also check and see if your credit card company is offering any cash-back or gift-card deals around that time. Ahhh...we sleep so soundly at night with no-brainer deals like that.


Follow Favorite Brands & Deal Hunters Online

Typically, brands will announce their Cyber Monday deals or at least share a few hints the week before Cyber Monday. To make sure you don’t miss these announcements, be sure to follow your favorite brands on social media and save their websites to your bookmarks list. Similarly, following blogs and websites that gather up and share all sorts of upcoming deals can save you a lot of time digging through brand websites and flyers. We personally love the Wirecutter website -- they round up Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!


Subscribe to Newsletters

Some companies like to give their email subscribers a head start on shopping. If you’re looking for discounted products from specific brands, be sure to sign up for their email newsletters so you are “in the know” for that big Cyber Monday sale announcement. Your inbox might get a little flooded with promotional emails, but if you use Gmail, all of those promo emails will be filtered into a separate folder. Besides, it’s worth the notifications -- we promise!


Use Coupon Codes

Lastly, don’t sleep on those coupon codes. While coupons might seem old fashioned, you can easily find browser plugins like Honey or Wikibuy that help you automatically find the best promo codes out there. Oftentimes if there is no promo code to use, Honey will still reward you with points that can be turned into dollars. You can’t go wrong with that! Coupon codes can usually save you money on shipping or discount your entire order and some websites let you use multiple promo codes at once.


The main thing to keep in mind, is, most importantly, keep your eyes peeled for deals. Rise and shine early on Cyber Monday (sometimes deals go up at midnight) because the early bird usually gets the proverbial worm with these online sales. If you follow these five tips and start doing your Cyber Monday research early (aka -- now), you’ll be sure to save big on one of the biggest shopping days of the year!


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