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Are Subscription Boxes Really Worth Buying?

by Savanna Kiefer

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Yes, we’re suckers for receiving mail. Any time we order something online, it's basically the highlight of our week waiting for it to arrive and unbox whatever exciting thing we purchased as soon as it lands on our doorstep. Subscription boxes have taken the excitement of receiving mail to a whole new level in the last two years. But are they really worth spending your money on? Here’s our take on it…




What are Subscription Boxes?


If you’re late to the trend, we’ll explain it for you. Subscription boxes are curated gift sets that are sold by various companies. Some of the most popular subscription boxes are BarkBox (toys/treats for your dog), Ipsy (beauty products), and Loot Crate (gaming/pop culture apparel and accessories). Depending on the brand, a subscription box could cost anywhere from $10 a month to $50 a month. Most brands send out monthly boxes, but others send them out bi-monthly or even quarterly throughout the year. You pay for the subscription box up front and then receive a bunch of goodies that are either curated just for you or themed to that specific month. It’s like receiving a surprise in the mail!

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There are subscription boxes for pretty much everything now including:
  • -Clothing
  • -Pet items
  • -Makeup/Beauty
  • -Gaming
  • -Personal Care
  • -Toys
  • -Fitness
  • -Food/Beverage


subscription box


What are the Pros?


There can be quite a few pros to buying subscription boxes. First of all, if you’re receiving a subscription box full of goodies that you would already be buying on a regular basis, it’s very convenient to have them delivered right to your doorstep. Most companies also tend to offer subscription boxes for a price that is lower than its actual content value, so you could be saving money. Lastly, it’s exciting to receive them each month! Having something to look forward to opening at the end of a long month can be just the right “treat yo self” reward that you’ve been needing.


What are the Cons?


While receiving all those cool products could be fun, you might be overbuying. For example, let’s say you subscribe to BarkBox and get tons of cool products for your dog, but your pup isn’t really interested in playing with toys- you may have just wasted valuable money on products that will never be used. Most subscription boxes can also be difficult to cancel if you decide to back out. Some companies give you the option to deny a box on certain months and not get charged for it, but other companies tend to sign you up for a full year with no option to back out. Be sure to read all the fine print before you sign up for something! You also need to consider if the face value of the box has any hidden fees, like shipping costs. Sure, your $10 a month box might sound like a good deal, but if you’re paying $7 for shipping each time, that’s $204 spent on boxes for an entire year.





Our Final Verdict


In the grand scheme of things, is it really a wise use of your money? Rather than blowing $10-$50 a month on random stuff that you might not even like or use, why not use that money to pick out one item a month that you’ve really been dying to get? Our final word is no- subscription boxes are not worth buying. As fun as they are to receive, there are plenty of better ways to reward yourself with a fun treat each month that won’t be a total waste of your hard-earned dollars!


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