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How to Save Money While Celebrating Valentine's Day

by Savanna Kiefer

Everyone loves a sweet and romantic holiday, right? As much as we enjoy grumbling at the “Hallmark” holidays that only seem to be about giving and receiving gifts, it really is nice to feel special and loved by your significant other, friends, and family on February 14th. While Valentine’s Day can become costly if you’re planning on going all out with roses, a fancy dinner, and gifts, it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day and save money even if you don’t have a “special someone” this year. 

For the Kids

Valentine’s Day is a fun day for your little ones to celebrate, whether at home or at school. If your kid wants to bring Valentines to share with their classmates at school, you can make their gifts special and memorable without spending a small fortune. While premade cards are easy to find and buy at Target, why not make some at home? There are tons of free Valentines cards online that you can download and print at home. Let your kids have a fun craft day by cutting out their cards, writing special notes on them for friends, and sealing them up with a sticker before taking them to school. If you want to spoil your kids with Valentines treats for when they get home from school, visit your local dollar store. You can easily pick up a few little gifts and candy items for less than $5 and make a great gift basket!


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For Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Here’s where it can get expensive! If you’re newly dating someone and want to impress them on your first Valentine’s Day together or just want to bring some excitement into a long term relationship, it’s easy to go overboard and spend too much money on this romantic day. Instead of going all out with a fancy dinner and showing up to your date’s house with a dozen red roses, how about making it more personal? If you’re looking for a low-key night that’s still special, cozy up with your biggest blankets, make hot cocoa, and turn on some classic rom-coms. Your date will love getting to spend time with you without waiting to be seated at a busy restaurant! If you really want to spoil your significant other, flowers are always a nice touch, but you can save a good chunk of change if you opt for other seasonal flowers instead of roses.

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For Your Spouse

Whether you’re newly wed or have been married for decades, there’s always room to make Valentine’s Day exciting. Rather than showering your spouse with tons of gifts this year, think about what you could do for them that would be truly special. If your wife has been busy with work, maybe you could give her a spa night at home - complete with a bubble bath and massage. If your husband loves a good home-cooked meal, surprise him with his favorite homemade dinner! Give them your full attention on Valentine’s Day and make it known that time spent together is more important than any gift you could’ve picked up at the store.


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For Your Gal Pals

As Leslie Knope says in Parks and Recreation, “Galentine’s Day” (February 13th) is about ladies celebrating ladies. If you don’t have a special someone in your life this year, take some time to focus on your girl friends. Galentine’s Day is typically celebrated with brunch and gifts, but rather than spending money on eating out, invite your friends over and ask them all to bring one breakfast item. Providing orange juice or bringing pancake mix is much more affordable than spending $20 or more on a meal. Instead of exchanging gifts, play games like Pictionary or charades. We’re sure the laughs shared will be memorable! If only every day could be Galentine’s Day.

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For Yourself

Mmhmm, it’s totally fine to show love to yourself on Valentine’s Day. You should always make time for yourself, but if a good “me day” has been long overdue, this is your chance. Whether you love to spend quiet time cooking a new meal or going for a run in your favorite park, celebrate Valentine’s Day by doing your favorite things! A glass of champagne, cheesy pizza, and binging your favorite Netflix show sounds like a pretty nice way to spend Valentine’s evening if you ask us. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the traditional ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day and being sad if you don’t have a date for the night, but the best company is yours! Enjoy what you have and celebrate yourself for being so awesome. You deserve it.

No matter how you decide to spend Valentine’s Day this year, don’t forget that you can have a great time filled with love without adhering to the traditional chocolates, roses, and dinner date. Break the mold and spend this Valentine’s Day doing something different that doesn’t break the bank!


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