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How to Take a Great Vacation for Under $1,000

by Savanna Kiefer

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When was the last time you took a vacation? We all need a little break sometimes, but vacations can quickly turn into a nuisance if you don’t know how to do them affordably. Most people say they can’t take a vacation because it costs too much. We believe all things can be done on a budget, so here are a few simple tips on how to take a vacation for under $1,000!



Be Spontaneous with Your Destination

Flights can often be the most expensive part of a trip if you don’t plan it right. Here’s the absolute best tip you can have when planning a vacation -- be spontaneous with your destination. Yeah, you’ve been dreaming of going to London for years, but if a round-trip flight is $800, that’s already 80% of your budget gone! Instead of setting your sights on a specific destination and only looking at flights there, keep your options open. Skyscanner is a great website that allows you to see flights from your closest airport to literally anywhere in the world! You can even leave your arrival and departure dates wide open to see where you can go for the best price. For example, Skyscanner shows that if you leave from LAX and arrive at Cancun, Mexico, you can fly roundtrip for just $162!



Book an Airbnb

Another common mistake when traveling is staying at hotels instead of places like Airbnb. You can save hundreds of dollars by staying at Airbnb apartments or homes depending on how big of a space you need. If you just need a comfy and clean place to stay, you can easily get a room for $20-$25 a night in a place like Cancun. If you’d rather stay in a home with a beach view, that’ll start at around $85 per night, which is still half the price of what a normal hotel will cost.

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  • So let’s check in on our budget…
  • LAX to Cancun, Mexico= $162 round trip
  • 5 nights in Airbnb x $25= $125
  • That means your housing and lodging is only $287! You still have $713 to spend on your trip.
Use Cheap Transportation

Ubers and taxis can get pricey on vacation when you’re hopping from place to place, so explore your options when it comes to cheaper public transportation. Tons of cities within the US are using bicycles and scooters that you can pick up almost anywhere and use for a small fee per minute. This can be much cheaper than grabbing a taxi if you’re just going a few miles. Also, invest in a good pair of walking shoes! The best way to see a new place is by walking from destination to destination, and it costs you nothing. If you do need to travel somewhere by car though, take some time to research when Ubers and Lyfts cost more. Rush hour will be more expensive than traveling in the middle of the day.


If you are mindful of your transportation use, you can easily travel everywhere you need to go for under $20 each day. Uber and Lyft typically charge around $1-$2 per mile and bus/subway passes can be as cheap as $10 for a week. For five days, that’s only $100 spent on transportation if you’re using a mix of Uber, subway, rentable bicycles, and the best- walking!

  • Let’s calculate our budget again:
  • Roud-trip flight: $162
  • 5 nights Air BnB: $125
  • Transportation: $100
  • Total: $387


You now have $613 left to spend on your trip, so let’s see what that can get you…

With this money left over, you have about $122 to spend on each day of your 5-day vacation. You can get three delicious meals a day and drinks for about $60-$70 which leaves you with around $52 to spend on souvenirs or entertainment every day of your trip.

Who ever said vacations had to break the bank? By using these simple tips and being flexible with your vacation plans, you can easily go on an amazing getaway for under $1,000.

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