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8 Ways Dogs Benefit our Mental & Physical Health

Some people adopt dogs just to dress them in the latest Chanel couture; and yes, that is a valid reason. But dogs bring so much more to our lives, affecting our mental and physical health in so many ways.

Where to find July Freebies, Deals and Steals

Do you ever get frustrated at the cost of living your best life? We get it! We're all about living well for the best price. Luckily, July is a freebie frenzy! Here's a list we've gathered of this month's best deals and steals. So, take a look and ...

Breweries that support US Veteran Charities


6 Reasons to Visit a Drive-in this Summer

I wonder if Richard Hollingshead's neighbors thought he was crazy in 1932 when he set up a projector on the hood of his car and nailed a screen to some trees to show a movie in his backyard. But Hollingsworth persisted, believing it could be ...

6 of the Best New Toys to Play with your Best Furry Friend

The sun is finally shining and summer is almost upon us. As dog lovers, this means playing outdoors with our furry best friends! Besides being the best hobby ever, playing with your dog benefits him or her in many ways.

7 Dad Types & Matching Movies to Watch on Father's Day

Dear old Dad - he's your fix-it guy, your hero, your shelter from life's harshest storms. This Father's Day, after you celebrate your special guy by giving him cards, making him gifts and stuffing him with bbq’d ribs and steak, kick back and watch a ...

6 Self Care Activities to Decrease Stress

I’m one of those people that can’t sit still. Call it anxiety, call it ADHD, call it annoying - but don’t be surprised when I get up to do 5 different things during the Game of Thrones finale (once again, I'M SORRY).

3 Delicious Recipes that Showcase Fresh Spring Produce

The winter blues are so last season. Spring has sprung! You’ve probably noticed certain fruits and veggies looking perfectly ripe. On the flip side, maybe the apples and the potatoes are looking a little shriveled? If you’re making laps around the ...

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