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Coffee around the World

Love makes the world go 'round? Don't be naïve. Coffee does!

100 Freebies you can get on your Birthday!

If you like FREEBIES on your BIRTHDAY, grab your party hat. You've got 100 gifts to open. 

How to set up a Homework Station

All students, young or not so young, share a common experience: homework. Whether you are a mom going back to finish her college degree, an elementary student just starting out, or a high school freshman, you need a productive homework space. 

How to Spoil your Dog on a Budget

When Paris Hilton decided her dogs needed their own place to chill out, she installed a doggie mansion in her backyard, featuring a balcony, chandelier and air conditioning. This week, in honor of National Dog Day and all things canine, here are ...

15 Money Saving Travel Tips for Flights, Hotels & Food

Best 2019 Reads for National Book Lovers' Day

An entire day devoted to those of us who love books? Pinch me!

8 Ways Dogs Benefit our Mental & Physical Health

Some people adopt dogs just to dress them in the latest Chanel couture; and yes, that is a valid reason. But dogs bring so much more to our lives, affecting our mental and physical health in so many ways.

Where to find July Freebies, Deals and Steals

Do you ever get frustrated at the cost of living your best life? We get it! We're all about living well for the best price. Luckily, July is a freebie frenzy! Here's a list we've gathered of this month's best deals and steals. So, take a look and ...

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