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15 Money Saving Travel Tips for Flights, Hotels & Food

Best 2019 Reads for National Book Lovers' Day

An entire day devoted to those of us who love books? Pinch me!

10 Best Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes

I confess - for many years I believed essential oils to be more voodoo than science. I'd roll my eyes as my friends went on and on about their fairytale powers. That all stopped after I actually tried them, and saw for myself the amazing benefits ...

6 Things to do this Summer

6 Summer Activities & How to do them for Less

8 Ways Dogs Benefit our Mental & Physical Health

Some people adopt dogs just to dress them in the latest Chanel couture; and yes, that is a valid reason. But dogs bring so much more to our lives, affecting our mental and physical health in so many ways.

Breweries that support US Veteran Charities


6 Reasons to Visit a Drive-in this Summer

I wonder if Richard Hollingshead's neighbors thought he was crazy in 1932 when he set up a projector on the hood of his car and nailed a screen to some trees to show a movie in his backyard. But Hollingsworth persisted, believing it could be ...

6 of the Best New Toys to Play with your Best Furry Friend

The sun is finally shining and summer is almost upon us. As dog lovers, this means playing outdoors with our furry best friends! Besides being the best hobby ever, playing with your dog benefits him or her in many ways.

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