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Fun Finds & Festive Feasts for your Fancy Feline (WOW)

I love cats, especially the one I live with, Princess Frida. Long may she reign.

This Month's Top New Movies to Watch at the Movie Theater

What's better than stealing your date's popcorn while watching a thriller in a dark, comfy theater? (especially when the weather makes you want to be indoors!) This month is chock-full of great movies for whatever you're into: date night, girls' ...

13 Halloween Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for Kids & Dogs

I know. It’s your favorite holiday, and what's not to love about Halloween? Scary movies, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, the Monster Mash! You've waited all year for October 31st to roll around; but before you dress your little angel like a ...

5 New Pumpkin Desserts Plus 1 Classic Favorite

It seems Katie Perry and Taylor Swift have finally ended their feud (what a relief). But, during their fighting years, there was one thing they could always agree on: Pumpkin Spice Lattes! What is it about pumpkin spice - a blend of cinnamon, ...

6 Ways to Save Money at the Sports Stadium

What is the most exciting thing about Fall?

Coffee around the World

Love makes the world go 'round? Don't be naïve. Coffee does!

100 Freebies you can get on your Birthday!

If you like FREEBIES on your BIRTHDAY, grab your party hat. You've got 100 gifts to open. 

How to Spoil your Dog on a Budget

When Paris Hilton decided her dogs needed their own place to chill out, she installed a doggie mansion in her backyard, featuring a balcony, chandelier and air conditioning. This week, in honor of National Dog Day and all things canine, here are ...

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