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The Top 6 VR Experiences You Need to Try

by Savanna Kiefer

B2C, Technology

Virtual reality is a crazy thing, isn’t it? It’s pretty incredible that we live in a time where technology is advancing so rapidly that we’re able to experience new worlds just by putting on a headset or pair of goggles. VR experiences are popping up around the world, but which ones are worth trying? We’ve gathered up the top six virtual experiences around the globe that you need to check out!


Imagine feeling the rush of climbing Mt. Everest. It sounds like it would be pretty cool, but who has the time and energy to train for such a monumental hike like that? Sólfar is now giving you the opportunity to hike Mt. Everest through virtual reality! The expedition starts at Basecamp, then you travel through the terrifying Khumbu Icefalls, spend the night at Camp 4, and ascend the perilous Hillary Step just before finally conquering the summit of Everest. VR reviewers over at Traveler said that their legs even felt weak on their first attempt to overcome the summit. You can experience this Mt. Everest adventure on PlayStation VR, Steam, Oculus, and Viveport.


If you live in France or will be visiting there soon, you’ve got to check out Eclipse. It’s a hyper reality experience that uses all of your senses to complete a mission. During the 40-minute long adventure, you and your team embody the crew of Eclipse II, a relief mission in space to rescue a previous space crew that went missing. Based on your choices in the game, each outcome could be completely different.


JetOne Motion

This one is only available to rent for various event and commercial projects, but it’s definitely worth look into if you’re planning a company event or convention. JetOne Motion offers a variety of VR experiences like water slide adventures, zombie-filled elevator missions, and “catch me” VR where you’re running through a city to accomplish different goals. While these experiences aren’t open to the public, they would be a showstopper at any big event you may have coming up.



Traditional arcades might become a thing of the past with VR arcades popping up. DNA VR offers a huge variety of virtual reality games and experiences that you can play at their locations in the U.K. From boxing games to space missions and more, you can experience all sorts of adventures. They have VR games that you play while sitting down, much like a traditional video game, and the hyper reality experiences that use your full body to complete the game.



You know the saying - “Bird’s eye view”. Well now you can actually have a bird’s eye view of a bustling city thanks to Somniacs’ VR experience called Birdly. To make yourself “fly”, you have to sit on a motion simulator that attaches your arms to wings that you actually flap to stay high up in the air. The experience uses the Oculus VR headset to immerse you in a digital landscape and surround you with elements like wind to make you feel like you’re really flying. Check it out for yourself at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



Have you ever dreamed of being immersed in the Star Wars universe, the world of Wreck-It-Ralph, or the realm of Ghostbusters? Now you can not only immerse yourself in those realities, but you can play in them too! The VOID is a whole-body, hyper reality experience that allows you and your friends or family to dive head first into the action. They have several locations around the United States where you can play in their various setups and complete missions. The VOID is incredible because all of the things around you in the virtual worlds are real. You can reach out and touch a railing or a door, smell the different environments you’ll walk into, and hear all sorts of background noises that make you feel like you’re really in an alternate universe. Prices for one of these experiences vary by location, but they typically range around $30 which is not bad for a 30-minute experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


We expect to see virtual reality technology boom even bigger this year, but it’s amazing to see how quickly it’s become accessible to the public. No matter if you are a hardcore gamer or just someone who wants to explore what this VR hype is all about, there is definitely a VR experience out there that is perfect for you. Go try one out and enjoy the amazing reality of living in a digital space!


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