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We Tried the KonMari Method and Here’s Our Verdict

by Savanna Kiefer


If you haven’t heard of the KonMari method yet, what rock are you living under? Ever since Tidying Up with Marie Kondo hit Netflix in early January, it’s been all the rage. From “sparking joy” to folding even the most awkward items, Marie Kondo has an entire philosophy to guide you through straightening up your home. I put the KonMari method to the test, and here’s what I thought…



First of all, what exactly is the KonMari method? In a nutshell, it’s basically a way to determine what “sparks joy” in your life in order to tidy up. If your belonging sparks joy, you keep it and then organize it. If it doesn’t bring you joy, out it goes --but not without saying “thank you” to that item first. Marie goes through each room of the house and explains how to organize it. We tackled the closet section of Marie’s philosophy.


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The Method of Tidying


Marie instructs you to take every single article of clothing out of your closet and set it on your bed, or another open space. Yep-everything. For most people, this could be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’re a shopaholic! After piling up all of your items, you’re supposed to go through each item, one by one, to determine if it sparks joy for you. If you want to keep the item, you set it aside to be folded later. If you don’t want to keep the item, you must thank the item verbally for being in your life, then set it aside to be donated. Here’s my verdict on this process…




The Verdict

Having to pile up every single piece of clothing from my closet didn’t seem as daunting to me as it might seem to most people. I do a seasonal “purge” in my closet to declutter items that I don’t wear often and donate what I don’t need anymore. I think the biggest realization and struggle that I had was differentiating joy from needs. When I do my seasonal clothing purges, I try to set aside my personal attachments and nostalgia to my clothing pieces and think critically about how often I really wear that piece. If it’s a winter piece of clothing and I didn’t wear it at all this winter, I’m probably going to toss it-no matter how much joy it brings me when I look at it. I also had a difficult time saying “thank you” to each piece that I wanted to toss aside. It feels a little silly, so I skipped that part in my KonMari tidying process.


The Method of Folding

The next part of Marie Kondo’s famous method is the way she folds her clothes. By folding items into small squares that can be turned vertically, you are able to put them in your dresser drawers and see all of your clothing at once. You can see how she does this in the gif below:


The Verdict

This part of the KonMari method is GENIUS! I have a huge T-shirt collection that I keep in my dresser drawers rather than hanging them up. Typically, I fold my clothes in rectangles and stack them on top of one another before putting them in their appropriate drawer. However, I notice that I end up only wear the top five or six shirts and the ones towards the bottom never see the light of day. Marie’s folding trick is incredible because it allows you to see all of your clothes at once! I really like to organize my clothes by color and this folding technique really helps you organize everything by color. I really, really love it. It takes me a little bit longer to fold my clothes on laundry day, but it’s also kind of relaxing so I don’t mind it.

I also took the KonMari method to my kitchen and tossed items that weren’t needed or didn’t spark joy. I ended up taking a huge box of extra cups and bowls to Goodwill and it felt so cleansing to have extra space in my cabinets to organize everything!

feels good


Overall Thoughts

Generally, Marie Kondo’s method is really great. Taking the time to organize your space regularly can free up so much stress and tension that you don’t even realize is coming from a messy home. Her idea of taking everything out of your space to go through each piece individually can be super time consuming, but ultimately it does help you see the sheer amount of stuff you own and allows you to let go of things that you don’t need. The “sparking joy” phrase and thanking items as you pass them along may be a little overrated, but we can ignore that because the overall goal is effective.

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