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Is the feedback I give on SurveyMe anonymous?

Yes completely, unless the survey creator asks for your contact information in a question and you decide to provide it.

How do I download the SurveyMe App onto my phone?

The SurveyMe App can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How do I access surveys on SurveyMe?

There are two ways to access surveys. The first is to open the app and select from nearby surveys off of the map or the list icon at the top of the app. The other way is if you received a unique survey code, you can enter it in by pressing the star icon in the upper right.

How do I access the rewards once I’ve given my feedback?

Rewards automatically appear on your phone screen, together with any instructions how to redeem them, as soon as your feedback has been sent. Plus now you have a handy wallet where your rewards can be stored.

Who is responsible for making sure I can redeem my reward?

Rewards are given out by the businesses themselves, not SurveyMe. SurveyMe is in no way liable for ensuring the distribution of the rewards this is solely the responsibility of the business who set up the survey.

How many surveys does this give me per year?

You can have an unlimited amount of surveys with a PRO or ENTERPRISE account.

Can users take the survey multiple times and keep redeeming the reward?

You can set how often a customer can redeem a reward. Once a customer takes a survey and redeems a reward they are not able to do it again for another 4 days, a week, a month or whatever amount of time you want.

Does SurveyMe provide the reward?

No, it's up to the businesses to incentivize their own feedback. We highly recommend offering a reward, because it significantly boosts your response rate.

What ways are there to promote my survey?

Every survey you create automatically generates a unique SurveyMe code e.g. UK-SURV-EYME a unique QR code that you can download a unique web URL that you can use in emails and websites. A survey code is the most versatile way to get your survey out into the world. It works great in emails, letters, SMS text messages, websites, Facebook, Twitter and printed marketing materials. The QR code works best printed or displayed in your place of business, but can also work in emails and websites. Our app includes a QR reader that makes it quick and easy for customers to find your survey within a few seconds of scanning. You can ask one of your employees to ask customers to give you feedback on your/their personal smartphone when they visit you. Your customers can use their GPS-enabled devices to automatically search for surveys when they visit you.

Who is responsible for making sure I can redeem my reward?

Rewards are given out by the businesses themselves, not SurveyMe. SurveyMe is in no way liable for ensuring the distribution of the rewards this is solely the responsibility of the business who set up the survey.

Can I create one survey and use it for multiple locations?

Yes, so long as you have a PRO or ENTERPRISE SurveyMe account, our software has been designed to make it easy for you to copy entire surveys, assign them to multiple locations and compare the results.

Can I compare results for the same survey results between multiple locations?

Yes, the SurveyMe reports function allows you to select multiple locations and compare the same surveys over the same period.

What if I lose my log in details?

Just contact us and we will reset everything for you.

Can I send a survey to someone in my company for their approval before our clients start using it?

Yes, although surveys are technically live when you've finished creating them, a new survey can only be accessed if someone knows the SurveyMe code. If you mark a survey as ‘private’ when you first create it, you can have it approved before letting the world know about it.

Are there any survey templates if I’m short on time or not sure what to ask?

Yes, SurveyMe has pre-set surveys available for use in most industries. When you log in as a business user you will be able to select multiple question templates relevant to your industry.

What if I'm REALLY short on time, do you have any services that will just show me the results?

Yes! We have a service where we will create, manage and report the results of your survey to you, so you can have more time to do what you do best, running your business. Contact us for more information.

The information gathered could be damaging if it fell into the wrong hands. How do I know it is safe and secure?

We comply with the Data Protection Act and our systems have high data integrity in the protection and privacy of data. Our encryption processes and password protected areas will give you complete piece of mind.

Can I create a safe / secure survey that only my target audience can see?

Yes, when you create a survey, our software will give you the choice to make that survey private. This means only the people you send the code to can access your survey questions.

How does SurveyMe app compare with other internet or email survey systems?

With the SurveyMe app, SurveyMe provides real-time feedback. Real-time feedback means you're getting feedback while the customer is experiencing your business. This feedback can help you identify issues that need immediate attention and provides the most accurate depiction of your customer's thoughts. On top of that, we are competitively priced with other internet and email survey software and have all of the same features.

Can our customers access our SurveyMe surveys from our website as well?

Yes, when you create a SurveyMe survey, you can add a link to your existing website, Facebook page or email a web link to your clients as well.

If we incentivize our clients to give their opinions, will they give false information which may lead us to make bad decisions?

While you can never account for making the right decisions based on one source of data, SurveyMe is an objective anonymous response system. You can design your survey to encourage objective feedback. Your clients will know their responses are 100% anonymous and they will be rewarded whatever their opinions. Clients only see the reward once their feedback is sent. SurveyMe gives you all feedback and opinions good, bad, or indifferent.

Am I limited to how many times I can access the website for reports or change questions?

There is no limit on how many times or how often you access your confidential information on the SurveyMe website. You can make as many changes as you like to questions. You can make as many changes as you like to the rewards you want to give people for their opinions.

We currently enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction, so why do we need SurveyMe?

That's good to hear! But SurveyMe also allows you to send rewards to your loyal clients who will return again and continue to give you feedback to allow you to maintain your standards. You decide what you need to know to improve your profitability.

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